My name is Mary Nkonde, and I am a 25 year old social entrepreneur and student. I am a co-founder of Economic Recovery Initiatives which is an agro-processing and distribution startup; we are in the business of marketing local foods. We serve the health-conscious consumer who needs highly nutritious local food. 

I decided to participate in the Standard Chartered Women in Tech Programme because I wanted to receive business support. My team and I identified the need to use technology and digital solutions to grow our business. 

The BongoHive team and coaches guided us through intensive training that opened our minds to new opportunities and solutions. We received training and mentorship in financial management, business development, digital tools for growth and other key business areas.

The funding we received enabled us to purchase an Enterprise Resource Planning software as a digital solution for our vital records management. This technology has brought efficiency in how we issue customer invoicing and quoting, inventory monitoring and payment tracking. We are also building a website to increase our visibility and sales. The programme also supported us in acquiring the necessary digital tools to create our online content. This will allow us to create digital marketing content for our customers. 

The Standard Chartered Women in Tech program has changed our business and positioned us for growth. From the skills and knowledge we have acquired, we can now compete favourably on the market.

We are still accepting applications for the Standard Charted Women In Tech programme. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business using technology. Apply here.

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