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Women in Tech

Deadline: 16th January 2022 | 11:59 PM


Business Incubation

Three (3) months of learning experience in business management and operations

Personalised Mentorship

Personalised mentorship for all participants & their business needs

Planning and Support

Access to legal, accounting, financial planning & tech support

Networking & Expert help

Access to networking opportunities with
fellow successful applicants and
industry experts

Alumni Opportunity

An opportunity to join BongoHive’s supportive Alumni Network

Funding Opportunities

$10,000 equity-free grant seed funding for the top five (5) finalists from the incubation
programme to assist with the implementation of technology in their businesses

Continued Support

Six (6) months ongoing support from Standard Chartered, BongoHive & a network of coaches and mentors to assist with go-to-market strategies and scaling-up for the top five (5) finalists

Empowering women with digital technology solutions

Who can apply?

We are seeking to recruit the best entrepreneurial minds of women-led startup teams using digital technology as a key driver of innovation in business.

The business owner must be a Zambian female founder or co-founder over 18 years of age and with an equal or majority stake

The business must be based and operating in Zambia

The business must already be using digital technology, or have a clear need to incorporate digital technology to enable their business to grow

The business owner must
be of Zambian nationality

The business must have been
registered with PACRA for
at least 3 months

The business owner may be seeking support for customer, product, and/or business model development

Key persons of the business
(preferably 2 founders) must be available to undertake the 3-month incubation programme from March to May 2022

The top 5 winners of the incubation programme must be able to attend a 6-month acceleration programme from July to December 2022

The prize fund is primarily for building the digital technology and any balance to be used in the business

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