Who are we looking for?

We are seeking to recruit the best entrepreneurial minds of women-led startup teams leveraging on technology as a key driver of innovation in business.

The business owner must be a female founder or co-founder over 18 years of age;

The business must be founded or co-founded by a woman with an equal or majority stake;

The business must be based and operating in Lusaka, Zambia and aligned with the needs of Zambians;

The business must already have a technology-based or enabled business or a clear need to leverage technology to enable the business to grow;

The business owner must be of Zambian nationality;

The business must have been in operation for at least 3 months;

The business owner may be seeking support for customer, product, and business model development;

A maximum of 2 team members (preferably founders) must be able to attend a 3-month incubation programme from March to May 2021; and

The top 5 winners of the incubation programme must be able to attend a 6-month acceleration programme from July to November 2021.

Programme Benefits

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