Emote Projects Limited is a business that supports individuals and organisations by managing and facilitating the processes, people and activities required in a building project. Emote Projects was founded by Mphangela Nkonje, who is also the CEO.

She has an educational background in Architecture and Urban Management and Development. She also has an interest in Project Management and affordable housing. She tells us about her business and the impact that the Standard Chartered Women In Tech programme has had on her business.

I’ve been working in the construction industry for a long time and my area of strength has always been in the management and coordination of the project teams. I started Emote Projects after I had an opportunity to manage a medium-sized building project. The experience gave me the stepping stone to offering services to clients undertaking building projects. The business is like an adventure for me, and running my own business gives me the freedom to grow in the way I want to.

I chose to apply for the Standard Chartered Women In Tech programme because I wanted to grow the business and support individuals building their own houses. Building a house can be challenging, and that’s why we are here to provide the necessary support. 

 Participating in the Standard Chartered Women In Tech programme has changed my mindset as a business owner. This experience has been my biggest transformation because I feel more ready to play my role as a leader and think more strategically. I still have a long way to go but I’ve been given a good foundation to build on. During the programme, we went through sessions like developing and testing ideas, making iterations on our ideas, marketing and sales, and understanding and responding to our customer’s problems. These were areas that I had very little knowledge about and going through them has armed me with the right business tools.  

We’ve integrated several applications to make the project management process more efficient. We have an enterprise solution to manage the day to day project tasks and help with the collaboration of the team. We are also utilising applications that allow us to integrate and automate processes. An example of how we’ve used automation is by creating a form that can be used on-site. Once filled in, it is automatically generated into a report. This saves us a lot of time used on administrative tasks. We’ve also created a website that will host our membership platform. On this platform, individuals building their homes can become members and access the content online.  

We are proud of the impact that our business has had so far. We’ve managed to successfully deliver a K42m project which has been a huge achievement for Emote considering that the project was done during the Covid pandemic. Being one of the top 5 winners for the Standard Chartered Women In Tech programme has also been a great achievement and it has given us a push for what we hope will be an even greater year in 2022.

You could be the next business sharing your experience with the Standard Chartered Women In Tech programme. Applications close on 16th January 2022. Apply now.

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