“Technology is your friend. Take as much time familiarising yourself with technology as you would getting to know somebody, there’s no need to rush and it can be done in incremental steps. Trust the process and you will see results because numbers don’t lie.”

Words of Imanga Kayama, founder and CEO at Manic Creatives, a company that works with business leaders who want to optimise profitability but have challenges strengthening their customer base.

Imanga is passionate about digital skills and spearheaded the first-ever Hubspot Solutions Partner Certification in Zambia. At Manic Creatives, Imanga is responsible for the monetisation and sustainability of the company by developing a viable business model that aims at helping other companies become profitable.

Automation has been one of the key technologies that have enhanced the business. By automating tasks, they have been able to save time and money.

“One person can do the job of three! We use a lot of scheduling tools in our work to make life easier and eliminate the mundane repetitive tasks. Our entire business model is driven by technology from our website, invoicing, payroll, and most importantly customer relationship management. 

Technology has helped us make decisions based on data analytics to improve where the numbers are good and to change when the numbers are bad; we are also able to predict certain outcomes based on past trends.”

Imanga points out that helping AB Bank to implement an internal customer relationship management (CRM) and setting up an automation system for their marketing department has been one of the most exciting projects.

The scope of work with the Bank was recently expanded to include an additional business line called eTumba within the bank.

“ We also discovered that AB Bank has a partnership with one of our clients, Rent to Own, which makes it more convenient to pursue a common goal by having an intimate understanding of our clients’ challenges and therefore implementing the most appropriate solutions.”

Just like any other organisation, Manic Creatives faced challenges. The biggest challenge with establishing Manic Creatives was record-keeping and data entry. Having collected so many business cards during networking, they didn’t know what to do with them or have any idea how to convert them to sales opportunities.

 “This challenge was overcome by using CRM, back in 2015, I heard about Hubspot from a friend in the U.S,  I decided to try it out and never looked back since then.”

Technology has evolved over the years, making our work faster, better, and easier.

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